Contact State Director Drew Caldwell at or (518) 462-8241 if you have any questions at all.  Drew is always happy to help in any way.  Both of his parents are teachers, and he understands that education is a 24/7 job, so never hesitate to contact him.

Student Financial Aid Application

Advisor Curriculum Guide with deadlines

Banned Bills list for 2017

Conference Registration Materials

Registration Checklist and Deadlines

Delegation Registration Form for New York State Youth and Government(You can use this form or the specialized Google form provided to your district coordinator)

Delegation room chart

Bill Form

Bill Format has been slightly shifted to make things easier.  Bills are submitted via email to  Make sure you follow the bill format outlined.  Use 11 point font, in Verdana  (this is considered part of being in proper form).  Do not use all capital letters for writing.  The file templates for the bill are at these links:

    1. 2018 NYS YMCA YAG Bill Template for Microsoft Word
    2. 2018 NYS YMCA YAG Bill Template for Older versions of Microsoft Word
    3. Google Doc Form:
  1. To use the Google Doc you will need to be logged into a Google account (which are free).  By clicking the link above you will be able to make a new copy of the bill
  2. Google does not have a line numbers function, these will be added after the bill is submitted, before it is printed.

Parent Letter Template New York State YAG

Conference Conduct Health and Publicity Release High School

Adult Registration Form

Scholarship Nominations

Fosdick-San Antonio Scholarship

Duran Scholarship Form

Dodge Collegiate Advisor Award Form

Candidate Forms

Word:   Governor Nomination Form   PDF:  Governor Nomination Form

Word:   Lieutenant Governor Nomination Form   PDF:  Lieutenant Governor Nomination Form

Word:   Chief Justice Nomination Form   PDF:  Chief Justice Nomination Form

Word:   Attorney General Candidate Nomination   PDF:  Attorney General Candidate Nomination

Word:   Editor-In-Chief Nomination Form   PDF:  Editor-In-Chief Nomination Form

Word:   Public Defender Candidate Nomination   PDF:  Public Defender Candidate Nomination

Word:   Tempore Speaker Deputy Head Lobbyist Nomination Form   PDF:  Tempore Speaker, Deputy, and or Head Lobbyist Nomination Form