Program Overview

Enhance®Fitness is a 16-week, evidence-based group exercise program that uses simple, easy-to-learn movements that motivates older adults, especially those with arthritis, to stay active throughout their lives while providing them with a supportive social network. Each Enhance®Fitness is delivered by certified instructors using a specific sequencing proven to effectively help participants improve their strengthen, balance, emotional wellbeing, and boost activity levels through dynamic exercises.

Instructor Training Assistance

With grant funding from the New York State Department of Health, monies are available in 2019-2020 to support the training of YMCA staff as Enhance®Fitness Instructors.

Funds are available to cover the registration fee (up to $130) of the Enhance®Fitness Instructor Training. For more information or to apply, click here.


Enhance®Fitness Digital Storybook

New York State Enhance®Fitness One-Pager


For more information, contact Paige Hughes at phughes@ymcanys.org or 518 462 8241 ext. 9501.