2019 NYS YMCA YAG State Conference Advisor Homepage

2018-2019 Program Season Deadlines and Benchmark Dates

  • By January 1st all legislative bills should have been reviewed by an attorney, with recommended changes completed in advance of the District Conference.
  • By January 21 all districts should have held their District Conference meeting.
  • By January 19 most districts request completed delegate registration forms, bills, briefs, candidate profiles and program fees to meet the State Deadlines listed below.
  • By January 22 or earlier submit bills via the Bill Submission Form

  • Bill Templates
  • Please save all files with the filename following the format 2019 Bill (District Number) (Topic), for example a Bill from District 1 on Eldercare would be saved as
    • 2019 Bill District 1 Eldercare
    • You do not need to be overly concerned with how specific the topic is, but this system of naming files will be very helpful.
  • Electronic completed copy of all Briefs that include attorney names, team number.  I need to know what district the attorney team is from.  Briefs without team number are considered incomplete and out of contention for Best Brief recognition.
  • Completed Brief Folders should be in the hands of District Coordinators for their review prior to the February 3rd Statewide meeting.