Walk With Ease

Program Overview

Walk With Ease is a six-week, evidence-based program appropriate for adults with, or without, arthritis. Studies show that Walk With Ease is proven to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis; increase balance, strength, and walking; build confidence in one’s ability to be physically active; and improve one’s overall health. Walk With Ease can be offered as self-directed or in a community group-based setting.

The program is facilitated by certified instructors with training in group exercise and arthritis conditions and is conducted in small, supportive group settings. The only pre-requisite for program participants is the ability to be on one’s feet for at least 10 minutes without feeling increased pain. Walk With Ease is offered three times per week for 45-60 minutes for six weeks and does not require any equipment.


Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program

YMCA of the USA Walkability Digital Storybook – Oneonta Family YMCA Walk With Ease Pilot

Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Participant Guidebook (for purchase)
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