The Alliance set out to share the numerous stories of the individuals that had their lives changed by the Y’s EnhanceFitness program. Featuring nine YMCA branches, the Alliance and Cantaloupe.TV traveled across New York State in search of understanding the impact the evidence-based program had on those who have participated. We are thrilled to finally share the highly anticipated EnhanceFitness Storybook!

Community involvement, socio-emotional growth, and physical improvements were only a few of the long-term benefits the program has provided for those who dared to break out of their comfort zone and invest in their future well-being. For so many people, the thought of doing – what were once – medial everyday tasks, was an uphill battle. With EnhanceFitness, participants explain they were given their lives back and a renewed sense of joy is in evident in each of the stories.

We invite you to explore with us through the interactive Storybook, the incredible impact that the EnhanceFitness program has had on community members throughout New York State.

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