We are thrilled to announce that Rod Grozier, President and CEO of Gro Development will be joining us to discuss Re-Capitalizing the Y: Reach, Growth and Impact 2020!

In his presentation, Rod will explore the new scope of work that Gro is partnering with YMCA of the USA to provide to member Ys. The discussion will also include how Gro serves Ys as a valuable resource during stages of capital development and design projects, and support with facility management initiatives.

What is Gro Development and What Do They Do? 

Gro is a national leader in the development, design, and management of YMCAs and other community-based facilities. They aspire to elevate the performance, relevance, sustainability, and compelling nature of our clients’ membership centers and program venues. In development and design, Gro’s portfolio of projects includes both new construction and renovation projects. They have completed over 200 YMCA projects, and the estimated current value of our Ys under contract is $500 million. Learn more about Gro Development by visiting their website:  https://www.gro-dev.com/

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