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2017 Middle School Model Legislature Bill Book

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New York Youth And Government (YAG) is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of the State’s democratic process. Acting as Senators and Assembly Members, students write, debate, and vote on legislation that affects them. Officers elected by students serve as Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, President of the Senate, and are appointed to other conference leadership positions. During the entire process students are supported by YMCA professionals, teachers, advisors, alumni, parents, and volunteers. YAG offers students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with those who hold like and opposing views.

2017 Middle School Youth And Government Bills

Bill # School Committee Capitol Group Title Names
1 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown 1 White Change star credit to star exemption. Alexander Wejko  Ryder Ault
2 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown 2 Red Cut down on repeated DWI offenders. Avery Oakes  Steven Fetyko  Michael Kinney
3 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown 3 Red Have more public transportation go to rural areas Allison Lenhart  Mikayla Mattison  Kaitlyn Egolf
4 Altmar-Parish-Williamstown 4 Blue Change the charge of endangering a child from a misdemeanor to a felony. Sarah Davis  Evelyn Butterworth
5 Cleveland Hill 5 Blue Discontinue the flow of human waste into the Great Lakes. Maria Lesser  Maddie Kulp  Julia Purpura Kyla Nentarz
6 Cleveland Hill 6 Red Ban single use carryout bags in New York State. Paul Harris  Ben Tobin  Anthony Anzalone Aly Doyle
7 Cleveland Hill 1 Blue refurbish abandoned properties and aid in opioid treatment Mia Mychajliw Mya Pace
8 Cleveland Hill 2 White Amend the tornado warning law Kendal Ganczewski Eric Stoj
9 Cohen 3 White Improve guardrail safety on New York State roads.  Aiyana Miles  Emma Maggs  Ashlyn Maggs  Kyler Ripley
10 Elizabeth Blackwell 4 White To allow terminally ill people the right to die with dignity.
11 Elizabeth Blackwell 5 Blue Restructure the Dream Act (DACA).  
12 Elizabeth Blackwell 6 White Amend the Communication Decency Act of 1996 to create rigorous internet censorship laws for social media websites.
13 Elizabeth Blackwell 1 Red To create stricter deportation laws for repeat offenders.
14 Genesee Valley Central 2 Blue Return School Resource Officer’s (SRO’S), to all schools in New York State. Raygen Haggstrom  Thai Norasethaporn  Killian McKnight  Jonathan Ford
15 Genesee Valley Central 3 Blue Add requirements for holding elected office in New York state. Nathan Slawson Trenton Scott
16 Genesee Valley Central 4 White Create High School Level Examination Program (HSLEP) as alternative methods of earning course credits. Abbigail Coble  Lealah Greene  Sofia Marra
17 Genesee Valley Central 5 Red Eliminate the pink tax to equalize men’s and women’s rights. Adison Grusendorf  Kylee Lorow  Grady Fleming  Sophia Gambino JasLynn Shipman
18 Genesee Valley Central 6 Red Replace Regents Exams with Growth Tests as Graduation Requirements Kirra Childs. Abigail Snyder  Tyler Coble Paige Cochran
19 Genesee Valley Central 1 White Require schools to have athletic trainers at all sports events. Gavin Szalay  Lauren Haggstrom  Brooke Hutchinson  Sophia Gugino
20 Highland Falls 2 White Make all SUNY students pass a swim test or swim class as a graduation requirement. Delia McGowan  Tiana Kemp  Aniya Laforest
21 Highland Falls 3 Blue  Establish physician assisted euthanization as legal in the State of New York. Grace Suchanyc and Sofia Salazar
22 Highland Falls 4 Red Adding driver’s education courses to public New York secondary schools. Caleb Hatch  Joseph Papaccio  Keegan Trubenbach  Jedin Truong     
23 Keshequa Central 5 Red Remove Common Core From Public Schooling Sierra Rennif  Jade Wolfer  Kyle Wright
24 Keshequa Central 6 White Decrease the cost of organic foods, and make more organic food available to schools. Charissa Omans  Jocelyn Brick  Reese Owers
25 Minerva Central 1 Blue AMEND VEHICLE AND TRAFFIC LAW § 501 Section V, to change the age requirement for a learner’s permit to 15 years of age and requires one’s school grades to be above an ‘80’, and must be renewed every school quarter with one’s grades remaining above an ‘80’. Brent Tucker  Megan Mohowski  Eadie Brannon
26 Minerva Central 2 White An act to mandate that New York State Public Middle and High Schools shall begin no earlier than 8:30 am.  Hannah Mcnally  Avery Bayse
27 North Warren Central 3 Red Allow for a new holiday for New York State Nicole Buckman  Grace Glascock  Gracie Staunches 
28 North Warren Central 4 White Make ignition interlock devices more available to New York consumers. Andrew Beadnell  Wesley Bolton  Thomas Conway
29 Robert M. Finley 5 Blue  Reform solitary confinement by addressing and implementing concise parameters. Samantha Serry  Ashly Freeman  Colin Gallagher Jason Downer
30 South 6 Blue  Modify the qualifications of New York’s sanctuary status Kelsey Reyes  Charlize Penalver  Sonia Fernandez
31 South 1 Red make abandoned buildings in to homes and schools for the homeless people  Justin Soriano
32 South 2 Red Help kids in foster care have educational supplies in each house that they go to and toys. Edwin Rodriguez Sariah Williams
33 South 3 Blue Eliminate testing products on animals in New York state Alexandra Kister  Arianna Rodriguez  Darolyn Reinoso  Deborah Moscoso
34 South 4 White Make all public and private food establishments wear gloves while handling and packing food. John Susana and Melany Amaya
35 South Orangetown 5 Blue Rename Columbus day Fatima Sabovic  Dylan McCracken  Hawken Durso
36 South Orangetown 6 Red Increase funding for Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)  Ailish Macdonnell  Matt Tobin  Thomas Fowler  Charlotte Hanchar
37 Troy 1 White Require landlords to pay for annual inspections for pests. If pests are found, the landlord is required to disclose this information to current and future tenants. Angel Barreto  Raymond Kay  McKenzie Orgler Jamani White
38 Troy 2 Blue Implement the metric system in New York State. Jacob Boston  Davin Keddell-Tuckey  Irene McDowell-Nguyen  Dreven Sesay
39 Twelve Corners 3 Red change civil offense fines to be based upon a person’s daily income. Nadia Alzoubi  Ana Wegman  Sophie Zhou   
40 Ursuline 4 Red Higher pay wages and improvement of condition and living necessities towards the soldiers enrolled in the Navy. Daphne Banino  Hanah Ciccarelli
41 Ursuline 5 White Lower the amount of gun access. Kyla Warren Nuala Reynolds
42 Ursuline 6 White Make agriculture and other healthy foods more available to everyone. Rachel Ortiz  Amrit Singh  Julia Molloy
43 Ursuline 1 Blue prohibit access to a job candidate’s personal information (race, religion, gender, name) until they have been called back for or denied from an in-person interview.
49 Al-Ihsan Academy 1 Blue Have 24 hour police surveillance in public areas.
44 Al-Ihsan Academy 2 White Extend Maternity Leave
45 Al-Ihsan Academy 5 Blue Enact the Death Penalty for Rapists in New York
50 Al-Ihsan Academy 2 Red Help keep older drivers safe on the road through restrictions.
46 Elizabeth Blackwell 4 Red Reduce the school week to four days
47 Elizabeth Blackwell 6 Blue Provide a solution to the homeless crisis.
48 South Orangetown 3 White Increase funding and financial aid for daycare centers for working parents Anna Pastore  Cate Doyle  Aine Malora Sean Ma

Youth And Government is a national government and politics program that promotes civic literacy as well as community service.

Legislation first proposed in Youth And Government now is seen in more than three hundred actual laws in states throughout the country, including those that:

  • Require signal lights at railroad crossings
  • Reclaim strip mined land
  • Hold 18 year olds responsible for contracts they sign
  • Create the white line on the side of the road
  • Establish “right turn on red”
  • Established Special Education
  • Provide for driver’s education
  • Promote campaign finance reform
  • Provide for medical malpractice reform.
  • Ratification of the 26thAmendment to the Constitution of the United States granting the vote to 18 year olds.