The purpose of the Legislative Branch is to give participants an opportunity to propose new laws and concepts or amend legislation that will benefit the citizens of New York State.  It is also a chance to improve their public speaking skills and their understanding of current events.  As with the actual New York State legislature, The YMCA Youth and Government legislative branch consists of both the Assembly and Senate chambers.  As much as possible the legislative branch of Youth & Government emulates the real legislature.

There should be 4 co-sponsors on each bill*

* We have an extremely tight time frame within the span of the weekend to afford each bill group the opportunity to present their bill.  With four bill sponsors per bill this helps the teens achieve this goal.  There are circumstances when five need to be on a bill and when two are necessary.  A bill with one sponsor will not be accepted. We all recognize as well that any public legislation needs a number of sponsors, including members from the opposite party.  Please do everything possible to have four sponsors: one with the opening, one with the closing (that is modified according to debate), and two responding to technical questions (however these should be yes/no answers) and responding to questions arising during debate.

Legislative Leadership

As part of the legislative branch, the following are considered the presiding officer:

Lieutenant Governor

President Pro Tempore

Speaker of the Assembly

Deputy Speaker of the Assembly

Legislative Aid/ Reading Clerk

Committee Chairperson

Each legislator must co-sponsor a bill or resolution.  They should also research others’ bills in order to participate actively on all levels of debate.