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The Judicial Program of the New York State YMCA Youth & Government Program is designed to give a participant an opportunity to experience the Judicial Branch of our government. We will be simulating the Appeals Division Courts at the State Conference in Albany. The District Judicial Program is open to all students wishing to participate, but only a few selected delegates will have the honor of participating within the State Judicial Branch.
The Court of Appeals decides cases appealed from lower courts. It hears testimony and has no juries. An appellate court receives a record of everything done in the lower court, receives briefs written by competing attorneys, and hears oral arguments. Then, the Judges must decide whether the lower court was correct or incorrect in its judgments, based upon the arguments of the attorneys.


1. To learn and practice citizenship roles as participants in the judicial process – gaining insight into law careers.
2. To illustrate the use, value and limits of legal precedents.
3. To develop appreciation for the laws, judges, attorneys and other officials of the State of New York.
4. To enable the participants to apply the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the United State and the State of New York to real situations.
5. Develop knowledge of the jurisdiction of the NYS courts and court procedures.
6. Develop a familiarity with the rules of the court of appeals.
7. Nurture their ability to speak clearly and to the point in public.
8. The ability to do research independently and to write a legal brief