Objectives of this program are to create and understand the inter-relationship of the three branches of government and to learn and practice citizenship roles in the administration of the laws and affairs of the State of New York.

The Model Executive Branch of the New York State YMCA Youth and Government Program is designed to give youth an opportunity to experience the work of some of the most important roles of the Executive branch of the State Government.  The program is composed of the Youth Governor and the Governor’s Cabinet.  The Governor’s Cabinet is the top advisory group to the Governor.

GOVERNOR’S CABINET – Process and procedures

The Governor’s Cabinet is the top advisory group to the Youth Governor, responsible for:

  1. Supplying information to the Governor pertaining to the work of the three branches of the Model Government Program
  2. Representing the Youth Governor when it is required, before Legislative Chambers, Judicial Program and any other groups of Model Legislature.
  3. Review and debates all bills which are sent to the Governor from the Legislative Chambers.

Cabinet Members

The Youth Governor is the presiding officer of this Cabinet consisting of twenty-one members.

The use of parliamentary procedures is highly recommended during the Cabinet Sessions, due to the limited amount of time and high level of efficiency expected from this group.  Cabinet meetings are scheduled throughout the course of legislative sessions at the Capitol.  During these meetings the Youth Governor and the Cabinet debate the merits of legislation that has passed through the Senate and Assembly Chambers.  The debate generated by the cabinet is used as persuasive argument to influence the Governor’s decision to sign or veto a piece of legislation.

Reports from the Cabinet are given to the legislative chambers to inform participants in each chambers of the status of legislation.

Teens interested in being members of the cabinet must submit an application to the State Director by June 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 program year.

How the Process works:

  • Delegates complete the application form with a sign-off from their District Coordinator (so they know who is applying from their district and that they endorse this candidate’s application).
  • All applications from every district are sent to the State Director via email by the June 21st deadline date. A complete packet of applications will be then forwarded to the Youth Governor for review. Delegates applying from the Governor’s district must submit their applications to the State Director first.
  • Note that this application includes a written endorsement from a peer or advisor substantiating their interest and leadership skills along with a digital photo.
  • After the Governor has selected their team after the CONA Conference it is reviewed with the State Director where the Governor shares their rational for who is and not selected.  Linked to this discussion is an equitable (equal) distribution of positions among districts.
    1. We have had years where we did not have a sufficient number of applicants from a district therefore limiting our ability to have a balanced slate among districts.
  • After the Governor and State Director reach a consensus in July a letter of acceptance will be sent from the State Director to cabinet members with an assignment that they must research the position they have been assigned forwarding what their duties entail within two weeks.  A letter of information will be sent to those members who were not selected.
  • As in integral component of the YMCA of the USA’s Youth Governors Conference the NY Youth Governor will be required to develop a Governors Platform that will include in part the focus of legislation she/he would like to see advanced by cabinet members that may suggest some bill topics.  Usually these topics are broad in scope; however, he/she may have a particular interest in a specific issue she/he would like a bill to address that will discuss with that cabinet member.  There may be another delegate interested in developing this legislation.  There will be legislation that delegates develop that is aligned with the Governor’s platform where she/he may elicit the cabinet members support and that of a lobbyist.  Understand as the Youth Governor develops their platform it will also include other goals they may want to achieve during their tenure.


The Executive Report (Passed Bill Book)

The Executive Report highlights the pieces of legislation that appear before the Youth Governor and the history of activity with the Executive Chambers.

Bill Sponsorship: All Cabinet members must co-sponsor a piece of legislation, usually from their area of expertise with selected bill partners who must also be familiar with the proposed legislation.

These are the twenty-one Cabinet positions appointed by the Youth Governor; 2015 team included:

Secretary of State

Chief of Staff

Executive Clerk


Press Secretary


  • To the Assembly (2)
  • To the Senate

Commissioner of:

  • Agriculture
  • Children and Family Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health and Human Services
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Labor
  • Public Safety
  • Taxation and Finance
  • Transportation

Executive Branch Roles

Youth Governor

Youth Lieutenant Governor

Cabinet Members

Secretary Of State

Chief of Staff

Executive Clerk


Press Secretary


Attorney General and Public Defender