2020 YAG Bills For Review

Bill #CommitteeAuthor 1An Act To
AF-01Assembly Freedom 1Simon Minich, Andre Desalvo, Justin Larry, Grayson AlkinsAmend article §130.05 of NYS Penal Law to require transgender individuals to disclose their biological sex to their partner before having sexual relations.
AF-02Assembly Freedom 1Rachel Blake, Alex Maddaloni, Emmett Sullivan, Natalie BianchiAdd § 282-d to New York Tax Law to create a fund to research carbon neutral fuels at SUNY schools by marginally increasing nonagricultural gasoline and diesel fuel tax.
AF-03Assembly Freedom 1Gabriella Fornuto, Ben Abbamonte, Mike Soprano, Jennifer AkiAn Act To: Amend Penal Law § 210.15  to add false rape accusations.
AF-04Assembly Freedom 1Bailey Fredette, Ryan Neary, Nicholas Norsek, Amend the New York State Public Health Law Article 21, Title 6 to add Section 2165-a to permit a minor, aged fifteen and older, to receive immunizations required by law without parental consent provided said minor provides informed consent.
AF-05Assembly Freedom 1Macey Bryant, Elaina Mcgrath, Alicia Prieto, Henry ReichmanAmend the New York State Environmental Conservation Law Article 27 to add Title 27-a to implement a restriction on the use of plastic utensils in schools in New York State.
AF-06Assembly Freedom 1Jane Trowbridge, Haven Varney, Ila Hubert, Kyle LajeunesseAmend Law § 803 s.6 to mandate public schools to exempt school sponsored athletes from gym class.
AF-07Assembly Freedom 1Ashika Prakash, Christopher Mclaughlin, Nicole Aherne, An Act To: Amend Section 2.30, Title A, Part one under criminal procedures the NYS Consolidated Law to add training requirements for peace officers to establish training programs on de-escalation tactics and awareness of bias, mental illness, and cultural competency.
AF-08Assembly Freedom 1Nicole Bolotova, Michael Rice, Mariam Sheikh, Amend § 265.05 of the New York State Penal Law, to make it illegal for persons under the age of sixteen to load and fire a firearm at a gun range in the state of New York 
AF-09Assembly Freedom 2Cael Hamel, Aaron Mattupurath, Kendrick Mccann, Jon ThibodeauAmend the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, Article 75, Section 75-0107 and the New York Public Service Law Section 66-p to set the State’s goals of achieving 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2030 and 80 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.
AF-10Assembly Freedom 2Armand Chancellor, Jacob Taylor, Matthew Vlacich, George LaopodisAmend § 120.08 of penal law to make assaulting a first responder a class A felony.  
AF-11Assembly Freedom 2Celeste Voutsinas-Klose, Kaila Crouch, Aalia Crouch, Ben GatesAn act to amend the education law, in relation to providing for security hardware and software safety technology
AF-12Assembly Freedom 2Michael Berger, Cameron Conger, Jake Conger, Owen HuntAmend Section §85 of Article 5A of the New York Cooperative Corporations Law to add a tax reduction for Worker cooperatives.
AF-13Assembly Freedom 2Andrew Giacobbi, Jimmy Nugent, Ryan Galiztorfer, Jordan BrongoAn Act To  Amend New York State Environmental Conservation Law Article 27
AF-14Assembly Freedom 2Megan Bruno, Amelia Hilton, Gracie Staunches, An Act To (Create a hotline available to the public as a way to assist expecting mothers dealing with substance abuse)
AF-15Assembly Freedom 2Alex Fenstermacher, Benjamin Finkel, Uriel Korin, Ayden Williamsmend section §3210 of NYS Consolidated Law, Education Law to add physical and mental sickness days excused from school.
AF-16Assembly Freedom 3Kate Happy, Allison Lapinski, Colin Hansen, Amend Agriculture and Markets Law Section 353-A to prohibit New York State residents with animal cruelty felony charges from working with demographics that are most at-risk for abuse through a classification on every felon’s driver’s license, which is newly designated to them after their sentencing
AF-17Assembly Freedom 3Orion Crossman, Alison Diaz, Abigail Stringer, Amend section 125.05 of the penal code in order to make the killing of a pregnant woman an A1 felony as opposed to a class D felony.
AF-18Assembly Freedom 3Harrison Bender, Skyler Mongardi, Baylee Vester, Amend § 70.70 of the New York State Penal Law to mandate the rehabilitation of minors convicted of possession of controlled substances.
AF-19Assembly Freedom 3Jasmine Agosto, Fanta Wague, , Amend Section 1229-C in order to require all passengers in the backseat to wear seatbelts.
AF-20Assembly Freedom 3Maria Bideiwy, Bianca Koether, Julia Mourikis, Eduarda CostaAmend §146-G of the Agriculture and Markets Law to tax phosphorus fertilizers and use the revenue to fund state composting programs
AF-21Assembly Freedom 3Nathan Bearup, Harlie St. John, , Amend § 353-b Section 2 Line 28 of section 3 of Agriculture and Markets Law to put a higher standard on exterior dog housing.
AF-22Assembly Freedom 3Isabella Negron-Main, Sarah Kane, Matthew Murrell, Amend section 2803, subsection j, of the New York Public Health Law to ensure that no discrimination is placed on viable female sterilizations. 
AF-23Assembly Freedom 3James Daniels, Andrew Mastrole, , Amend Tax Law § 601 changing the New York State personal income tax to 4% for all income levels.
AF-24Assembly Freedom 4Cheryl Attard, Calvin Jean, Sara Rochford, Add § 70.81 of New York State penal law to allow the chemical castration of criminals who commit rape in the first degree
AF-25Assembly Freedom 4Jayden Mignot, Max Golhoffer, Emmett Clesari, Gabby MorrowAmend Article 5-a § 103 of the General Municipal Law to allow a chief engineer the ability to review a state contract bid.
AF-26Assembly Freedom 4Genevieve Greene, Lealah Greene, Sofia Marra, Amend §201 of New York State Workers Compensation to include teachers and employees of school districts as eligible employees for paid parental leave.
AF-27Assembly Freedom 4Brogan Bennett, Dan Gilligan, Derek Martelle, Will LanzoniAmend the New York State Alcohol Beverage Control Law Article 1, Section 3, Subsection 1 and Article 5, Section 65, Subsection (1) to change the legal age for the sale of alcoholic beverages from 21 years of age to 18 years
AF-28Assembly Freedom 4Willa Einstein, Celia Holden, Jimena Perez-Tetuan, Zaida Rio PolancoAn act to amend §267 of New York State Consolidated Public Health Law in order to provide feminine hygiene products for public housing tenants
AF-29Assembly Freedom 4Daniel Melendez, Treshelle Pierre, Felicia Morgenstond, Amend Section 424 of New York State Tax law to impose a sales tax of 0.03% cents per ounce on drinks containing sugar.
AF-30Assembly Freedom 4Paige Mansfield, Jeremy Masterson, , Edit Article 2, Section 24 of General Construction Law to create a state holiday to memorialize those who lost their lives due to the 9/11 attacks.
AF-31Assembly Freedom 4Hamza Hassan, Sophie Manna, Aubrey Gilbert, Amend section 7 of the State Finance Law 99-bb to mandate New York State public schools to use the school-based health centers fund to establish outside mental health services in schools.
AL-01Assembly Liberty 1Amy Kugelman, Alex Barsanti, Anna Pastore, Meline KalishianTo amend CPL 510.10 (4) (a)-(i) of the New York State bail reform to expand the list of crimes that require cash bail to include burglary in the first degree, criminally negligent homicide, aggravated criminally negligent homicide, first and second degree vehicular manslaughter, and hate crimes.
AL-02Assembly Liberty 1Olivia Lombardo, , , Amend § 901 Title 1 Article 19 of the Education Law to implement Condom Availability Programs (CAPs) to public high schools in New York State.
AL-03Assembly Liberty 1John Charleston, Sean Guffanti, Teresa Tran, Amend Article 9 § 186-a of the New York State Tax Law allow for a 10% tax deduction on electric companies that use liquid fluoride thorium reactors.
AL-04Assembly Liberty 1Raymond Tan, Caleb Hwang, Joe Cairns, An Act To: Amend §  209-z, making Form 990 mandatory to be filled out by religious organizations.
AL-05Assembly Liberty 1Chris Soler, Neil Lazurus, Grace Gutierrez, Amend § 409 of the Educational Law to add safety protocol guides and trauma kits for each classroom in all New York State public schools.
AL-06Assembly Liberty 1Abigail Casimir, Robert Dunn, Jayden Reid, Donald Jofrinamend article 15 section 291 of the NYS Executive Human Rights Law to add “political beliefs and affiliations” 
AL-07Assembly Liberty 1Morgan Thompson, Aiden Genender, Kevin Nguyen, Amend Highway Law §142B to require the application of 20% beet juice to road salt.
AL-08Assembly Liberty 1Charissa Omans, Jocelyn Brick, Sierra Reniff, Kyle WrightAdd §7 to PBH§3309
AL-09Assembly Liberty 2Justin Cooke, Kenny Schneider, Adam Schultzer, Ian HuaAmend section 94 of the New York State Social Service Law by adding subsection 5 to have free or reduced meals for all eligible students attending a public college in New York
AL-10Assembly Liberty 2Alexis Ahn, Heidi Becken, Phoenix Mcbride, Amend Article 22, section 623.2 of Correction Law to require the state to provide free domestic telephone service to individuals within the custody of the department of corrections.
AL-11Assembly Liberty 2Jayson Le, Martin Scofield, , An Act To:   Amend section § 1150 of Article 22 of Private Housing Finance Law by introducing a form of rent control for lower household-income and expand the affected municipalities in an effort to combat state-wide gentrification.
AL-12Assembly Liberty 2Aidan Jones, Max Grumberg, Josh Crellin, Henry WoosterAmend the New York State Public Health Law 1341 to add Section 1341-a to require bathing establishments in public health centers to provide access to saunas for New York State residents over the age of sixteen.
AL-13Assembly Liberty 2Kate Wimberly, Avery Bayse, Hannah Mcnally, Amend section § 18 of New York State General Obligations Law to require skiers under 18 years of age to wear a helmet while skiing at New York ski areas and to require signage posting the law
AL-14Assembly Liberty 2Ailish Macdonnell, Reilly Johnson, Gabriella Doherty, Cate DoyleAmend §1028B of the Sexual Health Education law so that its a full New York State bill establishing a statewide sexual health education task force to mandate comprehensive, medically accurate, culturally, and age appropriate sex education to be taught in all public schools in grades six through twelve.
AL-15Assembly Liberty 2Jordan Amaya, Melisa Kilic, Jordan Schullerman, Amend § 4405-a of the New York State Public Health Law to allow for individuals 16 years of age to get vaccinated without parental consent.
AL-16Assembly Liberty 2Owen Perala, Tyler Michaels, , Amend the New York State Education Law Section 3204 Subsection 3 under Article 65 to mandate a second language in all schools.
AL-17Assembly Liberty 3Lillian Kronau, Alexander Michaels, Carley Salerno, Amend the New York State Public Building Law to add Section 145 under Article 5 to mandate single-occupancy gender-neutral restrooms in all new state-owned and operated buildings.
AL-18Assembly Liberty 3Nadia Nitollano, Maya Reiken, Raquel Sarig, Amend section 2.20 of the NYS Criminal Procedure Law to state that NYS law enforcement agencies cannot detain, arrest or investigate individuals for immigration enforcement purposes.
AL-19Assembly Liberty 3Zachary Phelps, Jordan Colon, Logan Bush, Evan AnelloAmend § 52 of the General Construction Law to abolish daylight saving time (DST).
AL-20Assembly Liberty 3Aidan Conroy, Anthony Forezzi, Kyle Lewis, Donovon WrayAmend the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 28 to add Section 501 to ban the storage and sale of force-fed animal products by food service establishments.
AL-21Assembly Liberty 3Joshua Penna, Joshua Seura-Muriel, Jack Krzemien, Damien HtunAmend section § 4402 of the Education Law by implementing mental health days into New York State public schools.
AL-22Assembly Liberty 3Matthew Roberson, Ashleigh Rosen, Jack Byrne, Amend Vehicle and Traffic article 24 adding §1118 to add a timer on stop lights in high accident prone intersections.
AL-23Assembly Liberty 3Eva Carbone, Celeste Charlemagne, Noah Gecht, Gabriella WilliamsAmend section §2101-A of the Bail Elimination Act to allow arrangement judges to  give the option of monetary bail, pretrial detention, or ROR (release on your own  recognizance).
AL-24Assembly Liberty 3Matthew Fagerheim, Aaron Lener, , Amend §19 of Tax Code Article 1 to make the qualifications more rigorous to receive green building credit.
AL-25Assembly Liberty 4Nathan Slawson, Savannah Werner, Emera Aquila, Moriah ClendeninAmend the education law, § 504 in relation to clarifying health education access for all.
AL-26Assembly Liberty 4Madison Catania, Sarah Duenzl, Kenny Gillio, Edward GubelmanAmend section § 130.30 of Penal Law to increase the penalty for second degree rape from a Class D Felony to a Class C Felony.   
AL-27Assembly Liberty 4Chase Thalhemier, Samantha Ivey, , Add paragraph 3-b to subdivision (a) of New York Tax Law § 1115 to exempt emergency contraceptives from tax on retail sales.
AL-28Assembly Liberty 4Allison Caines, Olivia Difelice, Sophia Fusilli, Sydney HollandAn Act To: Amend General City Law § 616 to eliminate an income tax on working minors making less than or equal to $20,000 annually
AL-29Assembly Liberty 4Anna Beuerman, Bailey Williams, Ryan Lajeunesse, Alex SorensenAmend the § 405 law, to add § 405-1 in relation to adding more inspector visits to puppy mills.
AL-30Assembly Liberty 4Kenan Kapetanovic, Marco Reggiardo, Aidan Knoebel, Alen Kapetanovic & Jackson Koetheramend the insurance law, in relation to requiring health insurance plans to provide coverage for epi-pens for individuals eighteen years old and younger
AL-31Assembly Liberty 4Justin Brucato, Shantique Smith, Bryanna Walker, Amend § 240.50 of the New York State penal law to raise the penalty for false child abuse accusations from a class A misdemeanor to a class E felony.
AL-32Assembly Liberty 4Sam Balanevsky, Clayton Pike, Rory Kavanaugh, An Act To amend the racing, pari-mutuel wagering and breeding law, in relation to regulation of sports betting
SF-01Senate Freedom 1Natalie Rivoli, Keelan Crowley, Anne Kosanke, Francesca Fornuto And Will HourihanAn Act To amend the New York State Constitution Article 3 Section 14.
SF-02Senate Freedom 1Grayson Hawthorn, , , Amend Labor Law § 376 to require all restaurants in New York State to have epinephrine auto-injectors on site.
SF-03Senate Freedom 1Seamus Daly, Isabella Cantone, Julia Gaer, Amend section § 3604(7) of NYS law of education to start a student’s school  day later in the day
SF-04Senate Freedom 1Paris Lyons, Conor Kimlicko, , Add subsection e to Section 9.33, Article 9, Title B of New York State Mental Hygiene Law to mandate that an advocate be a required and filled position at all New York State correctional facilities.
SF-05Senate Freedom 1Samuel Demers, , , Amend Penal law 265.1 and add a section 9 to ban Military-style weapons.
SF-06Senate Freedom 1Rohan Sood, Brian Lopez, Leonardo Morales-Leon, Resolution- Change School lunches to make sure they are healthy for kids to eat and to make sure all kids are healthy
SF-07Senate Freedom 1Victoria Córdova-Morote, Alexandra Lake, Sara Volka, Amend §50-a. of the Civil Rights Law, allowing personnel records of police officers, firefighters and correction officers to be public. 
SF-08Senate Freedom 1Cassandra Blake, Abby Caci, Claire Minney, An Act To  Amend Agriculture and Markets Law §353 establishing a registry for animal abusers which now only applies to New York City to include all of New York State.
SF-09Senate Freedom 2Lauren Hai, Eadie Brannon, Eric Bush, Brayden BushAmend § 6-104 of the New York State Energy Laws to include trees as a renewable resource in the state energy plan.
SF-10Senate Freedom 2Patrick Barnett, Victoria Guzzi, , Add Chapter 60 Article 20-E Section 500 to the Consolidated Tax Law to place a 3.5% excise tax per pound on the sale of red meat.
SF-11Senate Freedom 2Melissa Golden, Olivia Kelly, , Amend section §130.96 of NYS consolidated law to raise the age of classification for victims of first-degree sexual assault from 13 and younger to 15 and younger.
SF-12Senate Freedom 2Wells Liscomb, Kason Romanowski, , Amend bill S-4144 to mandate New York State to alter the State Foundation Aid formula
SF-13Senate Freedom 2Helena Williams, Julia Morris, Angelo Galle, Amend Article 27, Section § 28 of Article 27 of the New York State Environmental Conservation laws to ban the use of single use plastics and styrofoam containers.
SF-14Senate Freedom 2Kimberly Kelly, Deangela Brackman, , Amend 8 CRR-NY 100.5 in order to implement an educational program dedicated to teaching high school students how to manage the necessary life skills that come with adulthood.
SF-15Senate Freedom 2Ryan Davern, Zachary Barney, Daniel El Solh, An Act To:  Ammend § 1180-a. Maximum speed limits
SF-16Senate Freedom 2Ryleigh Hesler, Syd Banks, Zach Nicita, An Act To: Amend §41.49 of New York State Mental Hygiene Law to add biennial mental health screenings in public schools for all students starting in 6th grade.
SF-17Senate Freedom 3Katrina Christopher, Kaelei Wong, Mia Poloka, Amend §267 of the Public Health law article 2 so that public restrooms are required to provide feminine hygiene products that are free of charge.
SF-18Senate Freedom 3Grace Brody, Bridget Connolly, Owen Luntz, Amend Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 19, Section 502, paragraph 4(b) to add paragraph 4(b)(i) to require that road tests include a test of driving skills on roads with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour or greater.
SF-19Senate Freedom 3Leah Alaimo, Ashtyn Bishop, Tessa Hartzell, Alanna JordanAn Act To: Amend § 1234 rules of the road, Riding on roadways, shoulders, bicycle or in-line skating lanes and bicycle or in-line skating paths. To make a mandatory age for which an individual can ride on the sidewalk.
SF-20Senate Freedom 3Elizabeth Alzawahra, Aengus Gillespie, , Amend Article 11, Section 11-1101 of Environmental Conservation Law and add Article 13, Section 11-1101 of Environmental Conservation Law
SF-21Senate Freedom 3Addison Kelley, Tyler Trowbridge, , Amend Criminal Procedure Law Section § 520.15 to end cash bail for principal and repeated offenders.
SF-22Senate Freedom 3Cheyenne Smothergill, Makaylei Thrane, Jailynn Thrane, Eren GulmezAn act to amend Article 27 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law by adding subsection 30 to ban the use of single use plastic products.
SF-23Senate Freedom 3Eric Digiacomo, Jae Ho Kim, Brendan Reilly, Amend § 1307 of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law and add subsection 9 to convert foreclosed or vacant properties into homeless shelters. 
SF-24Senate Freedom 3Caroline Connelly, Hannah Schildknecht, Alexandria Laignel, An Act To:  Amend Article 1 Section 45 of New York State Tax Law to give tax exemption for those who adopt children and who have adopted children.
SF-25Senate Freedom 4Tommy Mahunik, Andrew Patterson, , Amend § 1399-cc of the Public Health Law to create a punishment for anyone under twenty one years of age that are found with vaping products to have a fine of fifty dollars for the first offense, one hundred dollars for the second offense, and two hundred dollars for the third offense and this fine will double if not paid after two months.
SF-26Senate Freedom 4Alanah Fitzgerald, Colleen Griffin-Turk, , Amend
Education Law § 804-A to include sexual assault education in high school health
SF-27Senate Freedom 4Meghan Cenci, Hannah Crown, , Amend §§121.11 Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation
SF-28Senate Freedom 4Magdalena Matias, Emilie Wolfenhaut, , RESOLUTION -To change the new the bail reform law by reverting it back to cash bail for all crimes
SF-29Senate Freedom 4Nicholas Rizzitello, Jarod Thompson, Zachary Formhals, Nicholas ToscanoAmend Section 23 of the New York state highway law to incorporate plastic
composite into the paving and repairs of major highways in the state
SF-30Senate Freedom 4Mitchell Higgins, Hunter Rosario, , Amend § 504 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law to require the identification of particular allergies on one’s license.
SF-31Senate Freedom 4Nicholas J. Develvis, Ethan Develvis, , Amend New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1111-b to abolish the use of Red Light Camera
SF-32Senate Freedom 4Dina Saad, Rachel Lim, , Amend the New York State Clean Air Act to include private automobiles that have children aged 12 and under in the vehicle
SL-01Senate Liberty 1Niquita Varier, Juliet Lovelace, Shana Hatia, Amend 5-102 of Article 5, Title 1 of the New York State Election Law to lower the minimum voting age for local elections
SL-02Senate Liberty 1Stephen Gilbert, Logan Luke, Joy Mydlenski, Add to Article 10 §207 of NYS General Municipal Law § 207-R for compensation of firefighters and emergency medical practitioners with PTSD
SL-03Senate Liberty 1Christopher Baker, Jeremy Martelle Jr, , Amend the New York State Environmental Conservation Law §27-1005  to change the refund value on a beverage container sold within New York State  under the Bottle Bill from not less than five cents to not less than ten cents.
SL-04Senate Liberty 1Grace Templeton, , , Amend the public health law, in relation to restricting smoking in the presence of a minor in a passenger vehicle
SL-05Senate Liberty 1Alyssa Reid, Jordan Fuss, , Raise prison wages to $4.00 per hour in New York State and raise maximum daily earning to $32.00.
SL-06Senate Liberty 1Emilia Brandimarte, Lydia Colon, Julianna Uglialoro, Amend Article 17, § 801, subsection 3, of the New York State Education Law to add LGBTQ+ history to social studies curriculum.
SL-07Senate Liberty 1Andrew Armstrong, Andrew Buchmann, Trevor Khangi, Dominic RicciAn Act To  Amend § 105-a of the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control to alter the time interval that a person, firm, or corporation can sell beer on Sunday morning from 3 A.M. – 8 A.M. to 3 A.M. – 6 A.M.
SL-08Senate Liberty 1Sophia Gugino, Brooke Hutchison, , Add New York State Education Law Article 7-B repealing article 7-A and no longer having a state exam for grades 3-8.
SL-09Senate Liberty 2Sean Lajeunesse, Kaden Tennent, Andrew Hull, Amend Public Service Law Section § 119-c to increase all non-chain small business’ New York State selective itemized deductions by increasing all battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles’ tax write-off value by 50% in accordance to all New York State tax brackets allotted for within each given year.
SL-10Senate Liberty 2Violet Hamlin, Michael Innocenzi, Viktoriya Jones, Melanie SchwartzAmend section §12-102 of NYS consolidated Energy law to require a percentage of renewable energy in all new houses.
SL-11Senate Liberty 2Emma Hanlon, Isla Multunas, , Amend the New York State Education Law Title 1 Article 14 Part 2 Subpart 2 by creating Section 669 to create a state tuition assistance program to pay all remaining tuition costs after other grants and scholarships for children who have aged out of the foster care system.
SL-12Senate Liberty 2Princess D’Andrea, Jada Pickett, Patricia Motlhankana, enforce fine and or incarceration for police officers who fail to abide by the misconduct laws enforced in law 75 U.S.C. §§ 3
SL-13Senate Liberty 2Isabella Lafreniere, Arianna Nash, Jason Strickland, Amend New York State Criminal Procedure Law Article 160 Section 160.59 to add provisions mandating all eligible controlled substance possession records be sealed automatically by the state.
SL-14Senate Liberty 2Christian Alicea, Mickayla Cigna, Michael Guarino, Sally MannixAmend § 27-1005 of the Environmental Conservation law to raise the deposit on plastic bottles from 5 cents to 10 cents per bottle.
SL-15Senate Liberty 2Paige Rivera, Leah Kilkenny, , Amend Article 8 CRR-NY 100.5 of the New York State Education Law to alter the general requirements for a Regents or local high school diploma to include a sequence in the fine arts.  Students will have to take three units of fine arts credits.
SL-16Senate Liberty 2Eli Decampo, Coen Nelson, Ian Sayler, An act to amend the Education Law §- 3208 -A to allow homeschooled students of New York to try out and be on public school sports teams.
SL-17Senate Liberty 3Lauren Andersen, Deanna Faison, Justin Iorio, Joseph MazzarellaAmend § 120.16 of the New York State Penal Law to make hazing in the first degree a class E felony.
SL-18Senate Liberty 3Samir Ghimire, Aanzan Sachdeva, , Amend Section 260.22 of New York State Penal Law to classify facilitating female genital mutilation as a class E felony
SL-19Senate Liberty 3Zarib Alam, Gabriel Hoglund, , Amend NYS Labor Law §240(1) to include comparative negligence in the liability of gravity-related (falling) work injuries.
SL-20Senate Liberty 3Tamar Brumberg, Paola Magana, Elma Mrkulic, Hannah O’RourkeAmend §400.00 of New York State Consolidated Penal Law to ban the distribution of firearms in businesses other than gun stores.
SL-21Senate Liberty 3Annabelle Trowbridge, Sofia Choppa, , Amend penal law part two S.80.05 to reform the current bail law.  The People of the State of New York, represented in the Senate and Assembly do enact as follows:
SL-22Senate Liberty 3Kerishma Thakur, Tracey Weng, Lourdes Sares-Mccabe, Karen UrrutiaFollow in the footsteps of Berkely and Philadelphia in implementing a tax on each ounce of sugar in sugary beverages, and use the revenue to fund health programs and other health facilities.
SL-23Senate Liberty 3Olivia Raineri, Sara Kellenberger, Esther Fajardo, To amend § 4403 of The New York Education Law to give college students an equal education by giving each college student with a disability there accommodations.  
SL-24Senate Liberty 4Jose Perez-Marino, Cesar Perez-Marino, Allison Hunt, Abbey HuntAn act to amend §40.07 of Title P:New York State Cultural education trust to add onto the existing section an incentive for schools to hold culture fairs.
SL-25Senate Liberty 4Ethan Armstrong, Laia Galocha Badenas, Gavin Fifield, Amend the Executive Law § 170-C in relation to providing eligibility for state or local public benefits regardless of immigration status.
SL-26Senate Liberty 4Jason Boucher, Sam Costantini, Pj Gallagher, Amend the New York State Public Health Law §1399-o to add Subsection 7 to establish a ban on disposable flavored vape containers in New York State.
SL-27Senate Liberty 4Allison Giambruno, Amanda Diffee, , Amend Correction law S 137 and add provision h to prohibit the use of segregated confinement  in New York State prisons for inmates who are pregnant or have given birth six weeks prior.  The People of the State of New York, represented in the Senate and Assembly do enact as follows:
SL-28Senate Liberty 4Abigail Gomez, Alana Muriel, Madison Witt, Amend 8 CRR-NY 100.5 to require all those who intend on graduating high school in New York to become CPR/AED certified.
SL-29Senate Liberty 4Fiona Guida, Gabby Prisco, Lorelai Guida , Amend section 260.32 of New York State Penal Law by changing the punishment for endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person from a Class E Felony to a Class C Felony.
SL-30Senate Liberty 4Madison Mentz, Samantha Towle, Charlie Cowan, Amend § 114 of the Agriculture and Markets Law to make all animal shelters in New York State “No-Kill” shelters
SL-31Senate Liberty 4Aiden Wisniewski-Campo, Ricardo Sobrevinas, Joshua Rabin, to  amend the New York State Criminal Procedure Law §530.45–1 to impose certain modifications for a securing order.